Edible Monterey Bay - June 16, 2023

"A promising place to find many treasures is Last Chance Mercantile, the upcycle epicenter of my world. Bring on the vintage (vintage vintage) vinyl, patio furniture, obscure art, used bikes, crystal glasses and funky sculptures, all set in an airy warehouse and adjoining outdoor lot. If you’re not scoring gold here, you’re not trying."

Monterey County Weekly - November 24, 2022

"Thrifting is increasingly cool, creative and eco-friendly."

Carmel Pinecone - December 24, 2021

"A land of Misfit Toys, toasters, barbells and more." 

Monterey County Weekly - November 27, 2021

"A reopened Last Chance Mercantile gives old stuff new life, and gives the veterans in charge a new life as well."